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Here you can access some of the various sites and activities in the Burrelton and Woodside area.

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A Brief Chronology

Alternate theories:
1.    Genesis,
    And on the morning of the Seventh day just before resting, God made Burrelton.
2.    Darwin's theory
    It floated down the Coupar Burn and just before heading to the Isla crawled out of the primeval slime (still evident today) and evolved into Burrelton.
or . . .
(Cannot get any facts to substantiate either of the above theories)

 It would appear that prior to 1812 nothing of note existed on the planet, this may be debated in some quarters but - who cares?

1812 - Burrelton created
As described in the 3rd statistical accounts, Clementina Sara Drummond took up residence at Drummond Castle in the parish of Muthill towards the end of the eighteenth century. She inherited the Drummond Estates, including Stobhall, on her father’s death. She married Peter Drummond Burrell, who became Lord Willoughby D’Eresby.
They and their descendants, the Earls of Ancaster, lived at Drummond Castle.
The village of Burrelton came into existence in 1812 when the process of converting the small crofts into large farms began in consequence of a steep rise in the value of land. Most of the crofters took advantage of a generous offer of feus by the Laird of Stobhall, Peter Burrel, who had married the proprietrix of the Estate, Clementina Sara Drummond. Effecting Burrels town.

1821 - Notable local resident. James Croll  2/1/1821 - 15/12/1890
James Croll was born in Little Whitefield on 2nd January 1821.  James Croll famously worked on "The Theory of Ice Ages"  and corresponded directly with Charles Darwin.  He was prompted by many who knew him to write his autobiography but never actually got round to it.  A postumous "Autobiography Sketch of James Croll" written by J.C. Irons is available in Perth Library, and more information available on the web, try Wikipedia for more details.

1832 - Woodside created
The attractive village of Woodside adjoins the east end of Burrelton and was founded by Thomas Ross, a member of the family of Ross of Balgersho to which Estate the land belonged. The school which he erected no longer exists but he provided a site for the church which now serves the community of Burrelton and Woodside.

1855 - Burrelton Free Church
The opening of the Burrelton Free Church on the Sabbath 28th May 1855 for religious worship.
-    Forenoon services were conducted by Rev George Millar of Clunie.
-    The afternoon service was conducted by Rev Mr Robertson minister of the congregation who preached from Psalms cii 16,
-    The evening service was conducted by  Rev Mr Bonar of Collace who preached from Joshua xxiv 19-22.
The church was crowded at all diets and to much pleasure mostly by local people, collections were quoted as ‘pretty liberal’ and much praise must be given to the late Thomas Ross Esq who at his own expense erected this handsome church.

 Bread – 1855 was 9½d and 8½d

1877 - Prolific Potato
A shaw holed in the garden of Mr Alex Fraser was found, when examined, to contain no fewer than 112 potatoes all free from disease. The potato plant from which this was cut was divided into 17 sets, so if they produced similar yield there would be 2,016 potatoes from the one plant.

1877 - Burrelton School 1st  May 1877
At the school board meeting on Tuesday 1st May 1877, Mr Curr presiding,  the long vexing question of handing over the free school was at last settled.
Lady Willoughby gave the church and manse at Burrelton for £160 and ½ acre for a site and playground free of feu duty and also agreed to fence it for free.
The board are to build a new school at the cost of £460 and the manse to be appropriated for a school house.

1880 - 24th January - Policeman Wanted !
In January 1880 a jovial reference in the Blairgowrie Advertiser to the growing disquiet by locals on the need for a policemen for Burrelton (population 500-600).  Quoted as "long being the Happy Hunting Grounds for Tag-Rag and Co." and also state the progeny of belial (Ungodly children to be polite) in our midst being alarmingly numerous.

Whilst the article raised the general concern of the village; it was written with a light humoured pen, however it prompted a serious response from one individual which was reported in the next edition of the paper.
A response to the facetious article by a young man from Clackmannon, who believing that Burrelton is the chief town of a county of the same name, applied to the Police Commissioners of Supply for the County of Burrelton.
At 23 years and over 6 feet tall in his stockings, that besides being able for all ordinary duties required of a policeman. He would put inebriates to bed and not let young men go a courting after midnight.
It was thought that no more a man would suit the bill for Burreltonians and that they should apply petition to the proper quarter and get him appointed.

May be time to tout this position again ?

1880 - 24th January - A Curious Old Crow
A colony of crows that inhabit Dunsinane wood.  It would appear that in winter all crows in the area reside here and in the summer break up into smaller tribes, it was ventured that the number flying over the village would 'Fill Twa Carts Wi' Tattie Sides On'.
The lead crow was shot and it was found that the upper bill was 11" longer than the lower and looked more like an eagle's beak. The cara avis can be seen at  J.McArthur Shoemaker.

1880 - Other News - Tay Bridge Disaster
Search for bodies was abandoned in January following the collapse of the bridge on 28th December 1879.  However look-outs were still being posted along the shore. 75 people lost their lives.

1880 - 24th April - What goes around . . .
A William Martin Carter was fined 5/- plus 10/- expenses or face 6 days jail for failing to send his sons aged 10 and 11 to school
I think today's penalties are a little higher.

1880 - July Woodside Road
A large number of carts moving stones to the old road through Woodside. The road trustees have consented to take over the road once in repair.
A Mr McIntosh of Wellsies, Mr Ferguson at Kinnochtry and others helped, and will provide a more direct road to Woodside Station.

 Bread – 1880 dropped to 7d and 6d

1944 - Graybank houses sold for proceeds for Gray Park, donated by J and J Gray Funeral Directors in Dundee.

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